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Your special day – the day of your marriage - and a dream location in one of the most beautiful places in Italy: all this deserves to be lived and remembered at best, and to capture all the facets of this event the ideal is a wedding video film. For us, every wedding is a unique experience, every love story is a story in itself, every video we make is a handcrafted film based on your needs, attitudes and style, and on that magic connection that arises between us and you. In our destination wedding videos we will follow you and the people you care about the most throughout the day, with discretion, ready to catch smiles, looks, hugs. We will be at your side to live the moments, to feel the excitement, to share laughter and tears. We will be happy to discover who you are and what you like, to make really emotional wedding videos.

A beautiful bride on her wedding day

How we work

For our wedding day videos we start filming about 2 or 3 hours before the ceremony. We both work with our cameras, side by side, so we cover the event in the best way until the end of the marriage, according to the agreed timing. Don’t worry: our approach is very discreet. Setting yourself at ease is our priority: naturalness is the key to making a really beautiful and touching wedding documentary video. We will film what happens during the day without interfering with the natural course of things, because the most interesting moments to catch are the spontaneous ones. Creativity is our fuel: none of our videos is ever the same as another, each film is unique, crafted with love by us for you. For this reason we go in search of the best light and views, we use high standard film equipment and techniques, both during shooting and editing, and we do everything in 4K. We also use high-quality audio equipment to better record promises and speeches. The music used in the editing is carefully chosen by us, but if you wish to use a particular song we promise that we will do our best to do it!

The first step

Take the first step towards your professional wedding video and contact us. Drop us a line with the date of your wedding and all the details: if we are available we will answer with the main information and our bespoke wedding videography prices. Usually we offer two wedding videography packages, one of 10 hours and one of 12 hours. However, if you want to involve us in wedding videography services that have shorter or longer duration we can customize our proposal based on your needs. Once these aspects and every other possible doubt have been clarified, we will be able to sign a contract. Then you can commit on your marriage preparation (a lot of things to do before the Day, we know!) and we will keep in touch again about one month before the wedding to clarify the schedule and the timing of the event.

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