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Hello, we are Mirco and Anisa and what we like doing most is story telling. Becoming destination wedding videographers in Italy was an almost natural choice, because few things excite us as much as real life... and films. We have been a couple for ten years now and we share a love for cinema, travel, music and much more. We live in a small town in the heart of the Marche region, in Italy, and our work is the sum of the experiences we have had in our homeland and abroad. With immense pleasure we will penetrate your life, working to narrate it, in a unique, exciting way. We will look after  feelings, take care of the people dearest to you, and attend to details as we try to so in the most natural, honest and personal way possible. There is something mysterious and fascinating in every marriage ceremony, in every celebration. We will strive to give this special day timeless beauty and emotion.


Francois Truffaut would say that making a film means improving life; arranging it in one’s own way, elaborating childhood games, while creating an object which is at the same time an innovative toy and a vessel where current or permanent ideas are housed, as if they were a bunch of flowers. We are convinced that it is so. This is why we will know how to gift you with a unique video, different and refined, a magical video, one as magical as your wedding. 


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