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Tuscany is one of the most popular destinations for couples wishing to get married in Italy: to be honest, rather than wondering why getting married in Tuscany, one would wonder why not to do it! With its hills, its refinement and the pleasant weather, Tuscany is certainly one of the most fascinating regions of Italy, rich in art, history and elegance, but also nature and good food. Where to start telling the beauties of this region? Perhaps from Florence, the county seat, cradle of the Renaissance, one of the most famous cities in the world? Or from Siena with its strong traditions, from the leaning tower of Pisa or the beautiful Lucca, with ancient walls and enchanting villas? Or maybe from the coasts of the Litorale degli Etruschi, Versilia and Maremma, or the enchanting islands of the Tuscan Archipelago? And what about the fresh breeze of the Apennines? Getting married in Tuscany means immersing yourself in its infinite artistic and natural beauty, being pampered by a generous and welcoming land with many locations of authentic charm: ancient castles, amazing villas with breathtaking vistas, luxury hotels, resorts and holiday farms, but also stunning beaches. Marriage is the most important day of one's life, to preserve forever as an unforgettable memory, and there are so many places to get married in Tuscany!

A beautiful Tuscan landscape

So many choices
to get married
under the Tuscan sun

One of the reasons that lead Tuscany to the podium of the most loved places to get married in Italy is the great variety of choices that it offers. Thanks to the geographical and landscape variety and the presence of art cities, wonderful countryside and a splendid coast, there are so many possibilities that this region offers: a real paradise for every couple that wants to say yes in the “Belpaese”. If you are asking yourself where to get married in Tuscany you should know that there are plenty of options! Moreover, as the film "Under the Tuscan sun" teaches, the weather in Tuscany is very pleasant (with a unique light!), so this land is the ideal location for a wedding in every season of the year. 

Your wedding in the Tuscan countryside

One of the favorite locations for couples who want to crown their love in Tuscany is the countryside. Can you imagine the gentle, green Tuscan hills, the “crete senesi”, the generous vineyards? It’s a dreamlike scenario in which to immerse yourself for a bucolic experience and a country chic wedding. The Val d’Orcia or the Chianti countryside are just some of the enchanting places in which to discover Tuscan landscapes, including medieval picturesque villages, Renaissance palaces, castles and villas with wonderful views. There are lots of Tuscany wedding venues that are perfect settings to create fabulous video shootings, real movies to watch and watch endlessly!

Your wedding
in an art city

There is no other land in the world as rich in art and culture as Tuscany: not by chance it’s the homeland of  Dante and Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Giacomo Puccini, just to name a few. Tuscany means art everywhere, and if you want to celebrate your wedding immersed in art, you will be spoiled for choice: art cities like Florence (do you know you can get married in Palazzo Vecchio?), Siena, Pisa and Lucca offer many locations in which to get married, and just outside the city you can find charming villas and relais where you can party until late at night. Or, if you want something alternative, how about a wedding in a theater, such as the Roman theater in Fiesole or the Teatro dei Rinnovati in Siena? The choice is yours!

Wedding by the sea

Tuscany can be the setting for your marriage even if you want a barefoot wedding on the beach, with places like Versilia and Forte dei Marmi, emblematic of the Italian “Dolce Vita”, the charming area of ​​Argentario, the Costa degli Etruschi or the islands of the Tuscan archipelago, one on all the Island of Elba. What could be more romantic than getting married on a pier, looking together towards the horizon of the sea?

Enjoy the delicious Tuscan cuisine

Finally, we cannot fail to mention the Tuscan cuisine, full of authentic flavors and one of the strongest gastronomic traditions in Italy, that will awaken all your senses. For your wedding menu you can choose from meat to fish to truffle to cheeses, with many options also for vegetarians and vegans and surely everything will be accompanied by excellent local wines, famous throughout the world. Ready to toast with a glass of Chianti? Your destination wedding in Tuscany will be a day to live fully and remember forever.

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