Amalfi Coast: the pearl of Campania

An Amalfi Coast wedding is a dream for many couples. The Amalfi coast - the southern stretch of the Sorrento peninsula in the Italian region of Campania - is famous worldwide for its beautiful landscapes, for the marvelous sea views and the superb food and wine tradition. It is also known for its heterogeneity: each of the villages of the Coast - often similar to balconies suspended between the blue of the sea and that of the sky - has its own character and traditions. This Italian jewel is a natural paradise, the land of orange blossoms and lemons, that many painters have tried to reproduce over the years.

Capri and its famous Faraglioni (stacks)

Ideal background for promises of love

The most beautiful day of your life deserves one of the most beautiful scenery in the world: imagine a villa overlooking the sea among rock-climbing villages, colorful houses and terraces. On the Amalfi Coast every corner looks like the perfect backdrop for your wedding videos! Suggestive towers overlooking the sea, luxurious and exclusive hotels, liberty villas that recall the “Dolce Vita”, enchanted gardens, a dazzling blue sea and churches like the Cathedral of Ravello, which dates back to 900 years ago: places that seem to be created as a backdrop for the most romantic promises of love. There are many Amalfi Coast wedding venues that follow one another in this stretch of coast, a fairytale setting full of charm and traditions: a perfect mix of natural beauty and romanticism that makes the Amalfi Coast one of the favorite places for lovers all over the world. Choose the Amalfi Coast for the wedding of your dreams and you will surely live an unforgettable day.

The most
beautiful locations

Among the Amalfi Coast wedding destinations the most famous is certainly Amalfi, historical Maritime Republic that gives its name to the area. Unmistakable and picturesque, Amalfi enchants with its glimps and sea views. Not least is Positano, an ancient fishing village that has become one of the most elegant towns on the Amalfi Coast, which rises in a suggestive panoramic position with small white houses huddled together and suspended between sea and sky. And then there are places like Ravello and Vietri sul Mare, famous for their splendid ceramics. Another place loved by couples wishing to get married in Italy is the beautiful Sorrento, which carries within the influence of many different ancient cultures and an essential link with the Anglo-Saxon "Grand Tour". Among wonderful villas and terraces overlooking the sea, there are many gorgeous Sorrento wedding venues: be sure that a wedding in Sorrento will be a truly unique experience! And what about a wedding in Capri? Located right in front of the Sorrento peninsula, the famous island of Capri is a place of almost mythical charm, loved by the international jet set. Romantic and exclusive - with its iconic “Faraglioni” and the well-known “Piazzetta” that served as a backdrop for many movies - Capri is the perfect location for an unforgettable wedding. 

Enjoy the delights of Campania cuisine

If you need one more reason for a wedding in the Amalfi Coast, let’s talk about food: Campania cuisine is one of the most famous in Italy. The fish is protagonist of exquisite recipes such as "scialatielli with seafood", one of the most typical fresh pasta shapes on the coast, or the “colatura di alici” from Cetara, an anchovies sauce that is a true sea distillate. Lemons that mark the landscape of the Amalfi Coast are also the protagonists of many typical recipes – from the famous limoncello liqueur to desserts such as babà and delights – and their grated rind flavors many dishes. Then there are the traditional dairy products of the Mounts Lattari, with their small family farms that produce delicious ricotta, smoked provola and mozzarella fiordilatte. And of course there is pizza: Campania is the home land of one of the world most famous food!

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