Here we are! It’s Mirco and Anisa

Destination wedding videographers in Italy

We are a couple in life and work and we live in a small town in the beautiful region of Marche, in the authentic heart of Italy. We are curious, open, creative and we love telling love stories. We share a love for travel, boats and the sea. We love Lisbon’s trams, Wes Anderson’s films, hugs, long talks, ​​the colors of the Marche countryside… We are a couple since 2008 and work together as videographers for weddings since 2014. Our passion for travel and discovery has influenced our professional choice of working together as international wedding videographers. Sharing our profession is an opportunity, a possibility, a way to enrich and surrender oneself to the vision of another; working together means contaminating and surprising ourselves continuously. After many years of experience at the local level, we looked inside ourselves and we realized that the time had come for us to open the horizons of our profession to foreign couples, who want to get married in Italy in the most beautiful, refined and luxurious locations. What we like most is to tell stories, emotions and beauty, and we do it with our work as destination wedding videographers with creativity, aesthetic sense and a great attention to detail. The trust of couples who fall in love with our style and entrust us for the creation of their wedding film is a source of great gratification and stimulation.

Mirco and Anisa, Wedding Videographers in Italy

Our wedding and elopement videos

As wedding videographers in Italy we take care of wedding or elopement videos. In addition to the Marche, our homeland, we often work in some of the most beautiful places in Italy - in particular the nearby Tuscany, Capri, the Amalfi Coast, Lake Como and Puglia - but we will be happy to discover with you other enchanting wedding locations in our country and abroad. Movement and exploration are our fuel! We like to connect with you and put you at ease, creating a human relationship rather than a professional one. We work at the shooting in peace - almost on tiptoe -, with discretion, professionalism and attention to the small details of the day. We are true, we are ourselves, and we love to capture the authenticity of your wedding in our videos, everything that makes it magical and unrepeatable. We will have eyes, ears and hearts open to breathe every important moment. We will be there with you to live, to move, to cry and to laugh. At the same time in our videos you will find a very high quality both in the images and in the audio (our videos are all shot in 4K with modern equipment, Sony cameras and Zeiss Lenses).

The uniqueness of our
work is above all
in our couples

You are unique - your story is unique -, and we will put your uniqueness in every aspect of the video: from shooting to editing to the ever-changing soundtrack. The result will be elegant and modern, a jewel made in Italy with lots of love.

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