Videographer in Le Marche

Stephanie & Paul are two people that we have appreciated since the first message they sent us, for their congeniality and for the great desire they had to get married in our small but beautiful region, le Marche. They both come from England, but Stephanie has Sicilian origins and we can say that with their courtesy and simplicity they have truly seduced us. They told us they had chosen le Marche because they were captured by the gentle, well-tended landscape of the hills and the intimate and reserved character of the inhabitants. In our territory everything is small and tailor-made, delicate and welcoming, and this is precisely what convinced them in their choice of location. And the style that they wanted to give the ceremony fully reflected the rustic and rural character of the setting. To take part in a wedding for us means to participate in an event in which we deeply touch the emotions of spouses and families. It was great to talk with Stephanie's mother, seizing through her words, in an Italian even now impeccable, the great emotional bond of memories that ties you indissolubly, to your land of origin. And then we had the opportunity to appreciate the profound and exhilarating speeches of Enzo (Stephanie’s father), with his fantastic sense of humor. Without any doubt we can say that we felt part of a big family, one made up of people that welcomed us with open arms and allowed us to narrate a unique and unrepeatable moment in their lives with our artistic sensibility. Thank you Stephanie & Paul!!