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Wedding Inspiration

The inspiration shooting is a precious occasion for us, a creative moment when the spouses can browse through our productions and all our inventiveness comes into play. For the occasion, Francesca, the wedding planner, exploited the atmosphere of B&B San Francesco 9’s ancient rooms, overlooking an intimate square tucked away between the streets, with its fourteenth-century church. We were afforded the opportunity to enhance her beautiful creations, refined and elegant in nature. We appreciated her flair in carrying out the entire research and coordination work. Once inside the rooms of this splendid 18th century building, we closed our eyes to breathe the scent of its furniture and the fragrance of warm tea. From the windows, we admired the spotless Istrian stone portal of the nearby church. The cinematographic effect of the square and the magical light that filtered through the curtains guided us in our creative choices. For the soundtrack, we opted for the mention of a song used by Sorrentino, a director we love, in The Young Pope. We have always turned to cinema for inspiration when we narrate through imagery. In this styled shooting dedicated exclusively to the groom, we also got to know Roxy Rose's Groom's Wedding Day SPA. Roxy is an eclectic person, lover of all that is vintage and retro. Even a man deserves proper attention on the most important day of his life. A moment of sheer relaxation, where he can prepare to face a special day, completely pampered.

Planning: Francesca Bontempi Events
Video: Mirco&Anisa Wedding Videographers
Barber: Roxy Rose Barber
Photo: Studio Arbus
Location: SanFrancesco9 B&B
Dress: Milton Uomo

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