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When Maria and Thomas hired us for their destination wedding film, we were in Barcelona on a work related trip. An email and a call and we already knew that they were an amazing young couple! But when we then met in Italy, to discuss their wedding video in front of a cup of coffee, we fell hopelessly in love with their world of pleasantness and levity. During a previous encounter they had already told us something about their lives; About how they met in France, in Strasburg, while aboard working on their doctorate, and about the spark that ignited while they were working together. We were very curious to discover the many, small details of their story and they too shared the same curiosity about us. Their wedding day however proved to be the perfect occasion for emerging ourselves definitely in their world. That was when we met their exquisite families as well as dear friends who arrived from all over Europe to witness  and to take part in their beautiful party. Friends, who had first met in Parma to attend the same university faculty, drifted along different paths without ever losing one another. So many memories dating back to the lyceum, cheating on tests, and the unbeatable students of the 5°C! And then university, experience abroad, a doctorate and back to Italy, even without any certainties. Because Maria and Thomas are a point of reference for everyone. They are two gracious, constantly forthcoming people, happiness in so many small actions: actions that are concrete - not blatant, actions that are marvelously genuine. Using the wonderful words spoken by one of your dear friends, we too wish you to have love flow like today, always. The best of life guys!

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