Intimate Wedding
emotional wedding video

As soon as we entered Antonio's house, he immediately imparted very specific orders: film all the records, all the guitars, anything in my house that has to do with music. We did so with great pleasure. We spent a good amount of time filming the vinyl records of Bruce Springsteen, Dire Straits, Police, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and the Rolling Stones. We would have gladly spent the entire day doing so, but Beata was waiting for us, with her wonderful family, arrived all the way from Poland with all their gracefulness and emotion. Torrential rain made the atmosphere even more magical, making the wait longer and more electrifying. Once the rain finally died down, it yielded to an incredible sky, to the magic of light playing among the wet leaves and branches, to the enchanted gazes of Antonio and Beata.

Videographer: Mirco & Anisa Wedding Videographers
Photographer: Andrea Bellezza Photography

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