Rustic Italian Wedding
emotional wedding film

Cristina and Gianluca are a couple, same age as us and, just like us, they love our land profoundly. Along the road that led us to the banquet, we stopped for photos in the beautiful town of Recanati, the sun’s sharp rays piercing leaves and ancient branches. When we set off again, we crossed the hills of the hinterland where, observing the surroundings all one sees is nothing but wheat, sunflowers, olive trees and vines. In the midst of so much beauty, you feel the urge to stroll along the white roads, the winding and dusty streets, finally reaching a magical lavender field. Here, the intense perfume swathes you, taking you back in time, to the plant you had at home. You would stop and smell its perfume between a toss of a ball and a ride on a bike. Our beautiful region, Le Marche, never ceases to amaze us, with its summer colors and the enchanted light in the eyes of Cristina and Gianluca. He who says that one can glimpse infinity in certain glances may well be right.

Videographer: Mirco & Anisa Wedding Videographers
Photographers:  Paolo Manzi
Location: Ristorante Villa Bianca

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